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Top Grilled Steak Tips to Follow

It is during the summer that you will get a lot of people eating grilled steak all very the country. This is a very good time to invite your friend and family to eat the grilled steak. There is a very small number of people that can make a grilled steak that is near perfect. When using an infrared grill, you can be able to make grilled steak in many ways. The good thing is that you can be able to learn how to do this. If you are using an infrared grill, then you should the recipe for making grilled steak that is discussed here.

To begin with, you should not begin grilling the steak until it great war. It is important to use steak that is ready to be cooked on a grill. If you do not ready the steak for grilling you should not begin grilling. A few hours before the steak is to be grilled you should take it out from refrigeration. The ideal temperature for the grill to have is that of the room. There is a very high likelihood that your steak will burn when it is cold as you grill it. The most recommended grill is the infrared grill.

The second thing to do here is to season the steak before you grill it. The most basic seasonings that you should use are black pepper and kosher salt. It is ideal to salt your steak one day before the day you will grill it. On the actual day that you will be grilling, the steak should be patted down. You should season the steak with salt again. It is when the grilled steak is done that you should season it with black pepper. Pepper will definitely burn when grilled on an infrared grill with the steak causing the steak to have a bad smell.

Only two levels of heat should be used when grilling the steak. Irrespective of whether an infrared grill is used or not, follow this directive. Since the first heat level is the highest, that is why you should place the steak first. The low heat of the second level or zone is the ideal one to use to complete grilling the steak. One can use a meat thermometer to find out if the grilled steak is done to the level that you want or not. A quick online search can show you the ideal temperature for the grilled steak that you want to have. After grilling it is advisable to let the grilled steak rest for a while before eating it.