Best Flight Apps Travel For You

Best Flight Apps Travel For You

04/06/2023 Off By Basler Phyllis

We all have our favorite flight apps. I use Hopper to help me decide when to book my flights and which days are best for travel. The app uses past data to predict future pricing trends and even gives you the option of buying your ticket right there on the app, which is a huge convenience. I also love Google Flights because it has a simple interface and lets you filter by airline and destination if you’re looking for one-stop shopping. If you’re traveling internationally, Vacation Deals recommends making sure to check out Flight Apps Travel, it allows you to track multiple flights at once in real time so you can make sure everything goes smoothly!

Google Flights

Google Flights is a search engine for finding and booking flights. With Google Flights, you can:

  • Search for flights by destination, date and time of departure/arrival, price range or airline. You can also use their filters to specify whether you want to see nonstop or connecting flights only (or both).
  • Set up price alerts so that you’ll get an email notification when prices go down on your preferred route/airline combination. This is great if your plans are flexible enough that one day’s savings could make all the difference in booking a trip on short notice!
  • Check-in at any time before leaving home, and even print out boarding passes at home if necessary (although this feature doesn’t work if there are no printers nearby). This saves time in airports since no lines need waiting through; just show up at security with ID ready! Plus it feels good not having extra pieces of paper floating around after all those hours spent packing


Hopper is a mobile flight app travel that helps you find the best time to buy airline tickets. It uses historical data and real-time information to calculate the likelihood of price changes, so you can save money on your next flight.

Hopper’s algorithm predicts how much ticket prices will change in the future, letting users know when it’s most advantageous for them to purchase their tickets (and when they should wait).


TripIt is a flight app travel organizer that helps you plan and organize your trips. It automatically tracks your flights, hotels, car rentals, and travel documents, so you don’t have to. The app also provides you with a mobile app that allows you to access your itinerary.

TripIt has two versions: free or paid ($49 per year). With the free version of TripIt, users can track up to 10 itineraries at one time as well as receive flight alerts via push notifications from airlines or airports before their flight departs or lands on time.”


FlightBoard is a flight-tracking app that lets you keep track of your flights. FlightBoard allows you to see the status of any flight, including delays and cancellations, as well as receive alerts when something changes. You can also view the seating chart for each plane in your itinerary, as well as airport information for arrival and departure locations.

This flight app travel is great because it provides all this information in an easy-to-use format so that you don’t have to spend hours searching through websites trying to find what you want!


Hipmunk is a flight search engine that compares flights, hotels, and car rentals. It uses the same technology as Kayak but has a simpler interface.

Hipmunk compares the best fares and prices from all major travel websites in one convenient place–and it’s easy to use! The site displays results in order of price, so you can quickly see which provider has your ideal itinerary at the lowest cost. Hipmunk also includes customer reviews from TripAdvisor and Yelp (among others), letting you make an informed decision about whether or not this company is reputable before booking your trip with them. 


Skyscanner is a great app to use if you are looking for flights, but don’t know where or when. With Skyscanner, you can search by destination and time of travel, as well as by airline. If you want to go somewhere on a certain date and don’t care which airline takes you there, this is the app for you! Skyscanner will show all available options so that you can pick the best one at an affordable price.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best flight apps travel by Vacation Deals. We know that there are many other options out there, but these five are some of our favorites and we recommend using them if you want to save time and money when booking your next trip!