What Parents Need to Know About Integrative Pediatric Medicine

Integrative medicine has been growing in popularity in recent years as a complement to other forms of modern medicine. Its focus on natural therapies and whole-body, whole-life treatments makes it a perfect complement to conventional medicine, especially for children. Read on to find out what parents need to know about pediatric integrative medicine to see why.

It’s Not Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine describes the practice of using natural treatments or therapies as a replacement for conventional medicine. Integrative medicine takes a more comprehensive approach to patient care. Practitioners use both natural remedies and conventional medical interventions to promote health and well-being.

It’s a Whole-Body Approach

Integrative pediatric medicine encourages patients and their parents to play an active role in the healing process. Instead of focusing exclusively on medical issues, it takes a more preventative approach that focuses on whole-body health and wellness. An integrative pediatrician might recommend preventative vaccines to stop children from contracting potentially devastating diseases but recommend natural therapies like herbs and dietary supplements to help with everyday maladies and improve overall system health.

It’s Safe

The therapies used in integrative medicine are safe, effective, and backed by science. While it’s important to note that not all natural therapies are safe, integrative pediatricians have devoted years of their lives to studying both conventional medicine and more holistic approaches, so they know which ones to recommend. For parents who already use natural medicines and therapies at home, visiting an integrative pediatrician can make children safer by helping to coordinate their care.

It’s Great for Chronic Conditions

Children who struggle with chronic conditions deserve access to the treatment they need to thrive. Conventional therapies can be too harsh for developing bodies and minds, but there are often natural alternatives or complements that will prove both safe and effective. Combining appropriate conventional therapies with proven alternative treatments makes it easier for children to manage complex medical conditions without as many side effects.

The Bottom Line

While alternative medicine has developed somewhat of a bad rap, integrative medicine is accepted by most experts in the field as a safe and viable complement to conventional pediatrics. Parents can find an Oncall Pediatrician available round the clock to treat their children online and schedule an appointment to get started making the switch.