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Everything You Need to Know About Stone Crab Season

Stone crab lovers have so much to look forward to now that the stone crab season is upon us in a couple of a weeks and they get to enjoy their delicacy for the next seven moths or so. With the season commencing on October fifteenth, stone crab lovers will be crowding various restaurants ready to enjoy the delicacy they have been waiting for. The stone crab season entails a lot of things from how to crack a claw an food festivals among other many things that you should know. The following is your guide to this year’s stone crab season.

If you are looking forward to this year’s stone crab season, one thing you should know is to get your tickets for the annual seafood festival early; this being an event that attracts thousands of people annually, you risk missing out if you don’t secure your tickets early. The next thing you should know about stone crab season is how to eat a stone crab; eating a stone crab can be challenging if it is your first time but the idea is to keep it simple and use the small forks at your disposal.

Being that it is a stone crab season and everyone has been looking forward to it, most of the restaurants in the area will be crowded with customers lining up for fresh, steamed stone crab claws, so if you want to beat this crowd and enjoy your meal in peace, plan to eat early. With the stone crab season known to begin in mid-October and proceed to May the next year, you will have plenty of time to try different restaurants known for serving hearty portions of stone crab.

Check out the different restaurants where diners can opt for traditional claws or mash-up plates depending on what you want, the bottom-line being, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one restaurant during the stone crab season when there is plenty of options for you out there. For those who are not accustomed to using their hands while eating but want to enjoy stone crab claws, one thing you should know is that you might have to use them.

Another thing you should know about the stone crab season is the price of stone crabs; you should ensure you are getting the value of your money because stone crabs can be expensive. With the stone crab season almost here, you should be finalizing your plans with your friends on how you are going to get the most out of it including enjoying a glass of wine. Now you are aware of what you should know about stone crab season.

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